Profile Reviews

We will work with you to ensure that your various social media profiles provide a consistent message to your customers, tying these in with any existing branding you already have for your business and website. Your social profile images, content, business details and contact information are key to engaging with your customers and driving business through your doors.

Content Calendar

Regular posting to social media has been proven to drive engagement and business. Having a content calendar is key to being able to prepare these posts in advance of special occasions and events that your customers have an interest in. We will build this content calendar with you, work through the various options available, and help to build the posts, imagery and video content that will attract the attention of your target audience.

We will prepare a minimum of 3 months of posts to be fed out to your social media pages and will continue to prepare further posts to keep the momentum, working towards having 6 months of posts in the pipeline.

Regular Engagement

We will help you to engage with your customers, providing a consistency that they will come to appreciate. Working with you, we will build up a list of standard responses to questions that your customers may pose so that we can respond to most of them without needing to take you away from running your business. We will also work with you to prepare a standard response to anything we are unable to answer directly. This includes taking bookings and cancellations, feeding these back to your so that you can keep your guest diary up to date.

Promotion and Advertising

There are a wide range of options available when promoting your website, social profiles, or social media postings. Working within your agreed budget, we will identify your various target audience profiles, and target these audiences to drive traffic to your social media profiles and website. Measuring the effectiveness of these marketing strategies can be tricky, but not impossible. Each month we will prepare a report showing the effectiveness of the various campaigns, and proposals for enhancements that we feel will improve these results.

Customer Wifi

We can provide you with a customer WiFi system, which will remain separate from your staff or point of sale wifi network. This allows your customers to access free WiFi by connecting with their social media profiles or email addresses.

Website Creation and Hosting

Every business needs a website, it is not good enough to just rely on your social media profiles, as history has proven that having your main presence on a platform that you really have no control over can spell disaster should that platform disappear. In 2005, nobody had heard of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and everyone was focusing on MySpace and Friendster – how that has changed in 12 short years! With Facebook and Instagram both being part of the same company, relying on engaging your customers purely through these platforms is tempting fate. Having your own website puts you in control, allowing you can cross-post between your website and the various social media platforms. Talk to us about website creation and hosting, along with regular updates as required.